Are you tired of overweight, unsuccessful efforts to lose  some weight, of disappointments and psychological problems?


Do you want to become beautiful, healthy and successful?

If yes, you need to start your transformation right now without delay. 

You’ve got the chance to change your life to the better: to get inner harmony, to achieve professional success, to solve your health problems and improve relations with people. 

The unique Russian methods of losing weight. The secret revealed to everybody. 


            Four steps to transformation.


The program of psycho-physiological correction of weight and life approaches “Moving Ahead” will help you not only get rid of overweight, look great and avoid cardiovascular problems but also solve many health problems thus increasing considerably the quality of your life. 


What are the reasons to choose the program of psycho-physiological correction of weight and life approaches

“Moving Ahead”?

1) The complex approach to the weight loss process. 

  Most of the weight loss programs are based on aggressive methods of strict diets and exhausting work outs. As a rule, such methods don’t bring the required results. The program of weight loss “Moving Ahead” prepares softly the body and mind to physiological and psychological changes. It presents as well the unique techniques of correct dieting and physical exercises. All the methods presented here can be used with no risk of complications. 


2) The systematic approach.

  Some methods of the weight loss program “Moving Ahead” are psychologically oriented allowing you not only get slim and attractive, strong and healthy but improve your psychological and emotional state, get rid of anxiety, depressive mood, apathy and despair. “Moving Ahead” can help you acquire self-confidence and raise motivation for the achievement of the desired goals. 


3) Work with delight.

  The program of weight loss “Moving Ahead” won’t make you curse everything in the world doing daily exhausting exercises. It’ll make you look forward every next day and enjoy each technique and each exercise. Moreover, you won’t have to wait for the results for too long. 


4) The proved efficiency.

  The author has got more than 10 years of medical practice. The program “Moving Ahead” has been developed for 3 years and proved its efficiency in the struggle against overweight. 


5) Availability.

  Most of the medical programs for weight loss cost not less than 100$. The treatment course in clinics costs much more. The price of the program “Moving Ahead” is even less than a single visit to a nutritionist.  


6) It’s easy to buy.

  A contemporary sell file script is installed to make the order of the program a very easy one. The whole process of order is automatic and takes not more than 2 minutes. Even a baby can do that. 



The program of weight loss “Moving Ahead” with four steps to transformation gives you a chance not only to get rid of overweight but to solve many health problems, namely:


Your elbows and knees will become flexible and strong. Overweight often leads to osteoarthritis, a disease of locomotor apparatus. The matter is not only in the excessive loading of joints, there is a close link between excess of fat tissue and inflammation. Getting rid of overweight you’ll feel light and free at your joints.  


You will sleep better. Excessive fat narrows airways, pressures much on lungs, changes hormone balance, thus leading to apnea, the stop of breathing while sleeping. With normal weight you will improve your sleeping and the quality of life in general. 


Your immune system will become stronger. 


You will taste food properly. Obesity changes the taste sensations. The loss of body fat and the correct feeding help restore taste buds that can enable you enjoy fully your food. 

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Your emotional state will be better 

You’ll get rid of anxiety and depression and improve your relations with people. 

Jane: I’ve always been full bodied but as a teenager thanks to physical activity I managed to weigh not more than 69 kilos. My weight boosted during and after pregnancy. 80, then 90. As I was very busy with my baby I didn’t even notice that. So when my son was 2 years old, I used to weigh 110 kilos. It was even hard you know to walk with my son and go upstairs. I had sleeping problems, my skin became flabby. Looking in the mirror I cried. My husband tried to support me but I felt he was quit cold with me. Sex became rare. I tried a lot of diets but I could lose some 5-7 kilos and that’s all. My friend recommended this program. I liked the idea of complex approach in 4 steps. I can’t say it was easy but I saw the results in a couple of weeks already. And now my life is quite different. I’m slim and happy now. 

Gale: after the divorce as I had stress my weight was shooting up. In a couple of months my weight was 110 kilos against my usual 82. But I ate the same way as before. I’d no idea what to do. The psychologists told that the reason’s stress and prescribed tranquilizers and antidepressants. I tried running and working out but felt nothing but shortness of breath and dizziness. The weight kept growing. I felt hard depression. Once I couldn’t get up to go to work. My mom found in internet the program of weight correction by Russian specialists “Moving Ahead”. One of the steps of it is the psychological approach and it really works. I did all the exercises in a single burst. I lost weight and now I’m fond of sport. I’ve got married recently and now enjoy my life again. 

Selena: Thanks to this program I lost about 25 kilos during 2 months a year ago. It’s incredible. All the exercises given here are done quite easily and with pleasure. I felt the result very soon. And I’m still keeping up its recommendations. My life changed dramatically. A constantly crying and unsatisfied with life fatso turned into a self-confident and happy beautiful woman. 

 These are just some of the feedback with thanks out of hundreds we got. Join us.  


Believe yourself and trust us. Just four lessons and you’ll be able to look at yourself and your body with admiration. 

The program consists of four steps which include detailed description of psychological and physical techniques and methods of transformation, dietary recommendations and many other things.

                                       The cost of the program is 5.99$.  


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